Quality, Health and Safety and protection of the Environment - Embedded in our DNA

Hydrocarbs is committed to the highest levels of health and safety of its customers, contracting partners, employees and the communities in which it operates, and to limiting its negative environmental impact.

In particular, quality control is the key focus throughout all stages of our operations. We strive continually to improve on our already high standards, to further embed quality in our team’s mindset and the company’s DNA.

Our vision is ‘to be partner of choice as a dependable and responsible supplier of products and services to the mining industry.
ISO 9001
Hydrocarbs carries the ISO 9001 internationally recognised standard for internal Quality Management. This certifies that we meet our customers' quality requirements and comply with all regulations applicable to our products or services.
ISO 14001
Hydrocarbs carries the ISO 14001 certification for its Environmental Management System. We utilise the ISO 14001:2004 management tool to identify and control the environmental impact of our activities, products or services and to improve our environmental performance.


Hydrocarbs is committed to establishing and maintaining the highest standards of occupational health and safety. It is the company’s policy to ensure a safe and healthy work environment, minimizing the risk of injury to people and damage to plant and equipment and the environment, to ensure high productivity.

Hydrocarbs achieves these objectives by commitment to following:

    • Compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and standards and where adequate laws do not exist, adopt and apply its own standards that control risks associated with the operations.
    • Operate with due regard to applicable environmental legislation, regulations and guidelines and maintain an awareness of their environmental responsibilities.
    • Being accountable in the areas of accident prevention, hazard control and removal of hazards at the workplace, injury protection and health preservation.
    • Developing health awareness throughout our company.
    • Ensuring all employees are appropriately trained and competently tested.
    • Maintaining Service Histories of all equipment and keeping all recommended maintenance schedules.
    • Ensuring that all its equipment are fitted with modern safety gadgets in order to reduce injury during work.
    • Involve employees in improvement of occupational health and safety performance.
    • Ensuring that good housekeeping is maintained at all times by
    • Ensure employees and visitors alike are made aware of and agree to follow safety policy, by inducting everyone that visits its sites for the first time.